Bali Finest Beaches

The beautiful Indonesian island of Bali is where dreams come true for those seeking tranquil relaxation and opulent luxury amid a fascinating culture. Bali offers something for everyone including Eco tours, river cruises, cultural events, museums, adventure activities and archaeological sites, but the majority of travelers on their Bali holidays head straight for beach.

The majority of Bali’s hotels and resorts are located on the southern end of the island. Luxury holidays to Bali can be enjoyed on these vast expanses of sun drenched sand. Hotels, spas and resorts along the beaches offer the visitor access to many aquatic activities. Bali reefs offer snorkelers and scuba divers endless areas for exploration amidst a plethora of tropical marine life.

The beaches at Kuta are some of the most popular on the southern coast. The palm fringed white sand was first discovered by Australian surfers but is now backed by four star hotels and lively bars and clubs that are well punctuated for those looking for the party atmosphere.

North of Kuta lays Seminyak beach, which is every bit as sophisticated as Kuta is wild. Seminyak beach allows those enjoying Bali holidays a more tranquil experience away from the crowds and is considered one of the luxury holidays to Bali with world-class hotels and fine dining.

Jimbaran beach is the epitome of luxury holidays to Bali with the glamorous Four Seasons Hotel that is a very popular resort in Bali. Private villas overlook Jimbaran beach and guests can immerse themselves in the luxury of world-class spas, international restaurants and one of the finest beaches in the world.

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Traveling With Family And Friends – Tips

The thought of traveling with family and friends can seem like a heavenly idea until you are on the road and you start getting annoyed by a few turn of events. You might be used to your family, but spending extensive time with friends might reveal lots of things you had no idea about before and it might not always go down well especially on a holiday. But having ample time to prepare for the trip ahead and carefully selecting the friends and family members to take with you can change things for the best. A few tips can prove to be helpful if you want to have the best time when traveling with friends and family.

1. Ensure that you have same comfort levels as far as the trip is concerned. If you love bus travels, trying new delicacies by the roadside and camping, make sure that you do not travel with people who would rather dine in the finest restaurants and want luxurious hotels and cars for accommodation and transport.

2. Think about age compatibility before you begin with the travel plans. Your ages and stages should be compatible enough so that every person traveling finds companionship and does no end up feeling lost in the group. If you have an elderly person in the group, be sure to get another elderly person they can relate to throughout the trip. You also do not want to travel with one child in the midst of adults because it can get very boring for the child. Get enough children and adults in the group so everyone fits in.

3. Think about activities that you all love and make sure that the areas you aim to visit will accommodate everyone’s preferences. The best thing to do is to make sure that if you are sporty you choose a travel group that is just a sporty, if you love adventure then go for adventurous people to make up your travel group. It becomes easy to stay happy when you all have matching preferences in activities and other important areas.

4. Get the most appropriate transport and accommodation solutions. You are traveling as a group and you therefore should be in one bus, train or flight. When getting accommodation, try packages that are good enough to cater to every person in the group including any toddlers. You do not have to share the same room but you should at least be in the same facility to keep travel plans organized.

5. Talk about bills and other travel expenses before you start traveling. Usually it is a good plan to have contributions to the trip collected beforehand so that you keep sticky financial situations minimal during the trip. You can also split the travel expenses among you, so everyone knows where they are going to chip in. Money is the major element that brings in conflicts, especially when traveling with friends. Balance everything out to have a pleasant experience throughout the trip.

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